Dear guests,

Unfortunately, Covid19 separated us in 2020. This global event, which affected everyone economically and socially, has also led us to take a cautious path. However, after 12 months of distress, we received good news worldwide, including vaccinations and stabilized safety standards.

Due to these positive developments and our longing to welcome you back to our facilities, we have decided to open our hotels on June 4th, 2021. We are more than ready and more passionate than ever and look forward to seeing you again.

We have made preparations to practice increased hygiene standards and social distance in accordance with the new norms of Covid19. We have done some changes, in order to fulfil all the precautions in the directives determined by the authorities. We meet you with social distance precautions in general areas, structural changes in service points such as open buffets & bars, new cleaning protocols with deep, detailed and virus-preventing measures. We will post all the details of these innovations and changes on our website and social media.

We wish everyone healthy days. We look forward to meeting you again and sharing the happiness and holiday fun on healthier days again!

With our best regards,

World of Sunrise