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Safe Tourism Certificate


The WOS group, which has adopted the mission of guest satisfaction and continuity, with the utmost importance to internal and external guest health & safety, and has done all the necessary preparations for a peaceful holiday.
Since the moment COVID - 19 (Corona Virus) became an epidemic in the world and in our country, we have been following the public authorities and constantly updating our business in the light of new information.
Together with our internal and external teams, we ensure the compliance of our standards we offer you in terms of your safety and health, and we guarantee it by being audited by independent companies.



  • Body temperature measurement scans are taken and recorded when our employees enter and exit the facility. In case of showing symptoms of Covid-19, it is immediately checked by the workplace doctor.
  • Service vehicles, working areas, common areas and offices used by our employees have been arranged according to social distance procedures, the frequency of cleaning and disinfection has also been increased and all necessary personal protective equipment has been provided.
  • Personnel with flu, cold or any other illness are given home rest leave and cannot return to work except with the approval of the workplace doctor.
  • The current status of all our employees is closely monitored in the light of the "Covid-19 Health Declaration and Commitment".
  • In addition to the standard food safety and general hygiene trainings given to our employees, awareness and hygiene trainings are given regularly within the scope of Covid-19.


  • Our private transfer vehicles are disinfected before and after use, masks and hand sanitizers are available.
  • At the entrance to the facility, guests body temperature measurement scans are made and recorded with a thermal camera.
  • Our guests are required to fill in the Covid-19 declaration and commitment, which includes information about their travel history and health status at check-in.
  • Masks and hand sanitizers are available to our guests.
  • Our guests are offered secure payment alternatives.
  • Our guests are provided with a closed check-in kit with room card, hotel map and mask.
  • The suitcases are disinfected before they are delivered to the room.
  • If our guests request additional amenities such as room service, luggage, towels, water, etc. upon arrival, their rooms are not entered by staff. Services are received by keeping the physical distance in front of the room.
  • Our guests are given detailed information about our measures against the epidemic via our Whatsapp line.

Guest Rooms

  • Cleaning and disinfection of guest rooms is carried out by our expert team who have taken personal protective measures with industry-leading products approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • According to the cleaning plan, rooms are cleaned starting with the balcony, bedroom, dressing room, bathroom and lastly the restroom, by using different colors of disposable cleaning cloths and mats.
  • Increased antiviral disinfection is performed on the most contacted room devices, control panels and hard surfaces.
  • Bathrooms contain anti-microbial liquid soap.
  • After check-out, minibar coolers and drawers are disinfected and all of the products and service equipment are renewed, all bed and bathroom textiles, including unused pillow linings, are replaced with clean ones.


  • All toiletries used in the room and bathroom are presented in single -use packaging.
  • Disinfectant wipes and masks are placed in the rooms.
  • Room service menu and all printed materials have been removed and made accessible digitally on room televisions and the hotel web page.
  • Specially equipped dressing rooms in the room are not entered for cleaning unless requested by the guests.
  • The cleaning and disinfection processes of the ventilation ducts and filters are carried out and the room is renewed with fresh air.
  • After all cleaning, disinfection and preparation activities, the doors of the rooms are sealed until the entrance of a new guest.

Common Use Areas

  • In our premises, all common areas of use have been rearranged according to social distancing, and hand disinfection stations have been installed in the required areas.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all common areas is carried out by our expert team who have taken personal protective measures.
  • The most touched surfaces, determined as critical points, are disinfected with Ecolab Sirafan after guests use.
  • In addition to chemical disinfection processes, common areas and guest rooms disinfection is carried out with steam method, ULV technique and ozone method.
  • All public toilets are equipped with anti-microbial liquid soap and hand sanitizers. Common area toilets are cleaned and disinfected with a medical grade chemical.
  • Cleaning and disinfection processes of ventilation ducts and filters have been increased. The ambient air of the hotel building is regularly renewed with fresh air.
  • The pH and chlorine levels in all our pools, are kept within the limits in accordance with the required standards, their values are controlled, the frequency of the backwash and rinsing process is increased and the filters are kept clean.
  • The distance between sunbeds around the pool and the beach are arranged according to social distance.
    After each guest use of the sun loungers disinfection is carried out. Sun loungers which are closed mean they have been disinfected.
  • All towels are provided by staff or in bags.
  • The cleaning and disinfection processes of Kid’s and Youth Club have been increased and some areas have been temporarily closed.
  • The cleaning and disinfection processes have been increased in the SPA, Turkish Bath and Fitness hall, and by using a reservation process in certain areas the number of people in that certain area has been restricted.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the fitness center and indoor pool is carried out during the day.
  • Additional measures have been taken within the scope of Covid-19 in hairdressers, markets and all stores serving within the hotel.

Food and Beverage Services

  • All employees on duty are made sure to take personal protective measures.
  • Dining and drinking areas are arranged according to social distancing, and wide and sufficient seating areas are provided on the terraces.
  • Our open buffet and brunch service hours have been extended, and food is served by our chefs.
  • Designated areas are available for senior guests and guests with children within the open buffet restaurant.
  • After dining and drinking areas are closed, thorough cleaning is carried out and disinfection is provided with ULV.
  • Tables and chairs are disinfected after each use.
  • All service equipment is sterilized at high temperatures in dishwashers.
  • Kids and baby buffet are served by our chefs.
  • In accordance with our current hand hygiene instructions, employees in our kitchen production areas are reminded to wash their hands every 30 minutes.
  • Guest room amenities are served in hygienic closed packages.


Laundry Service

  • Professional laundry service is provided on-site.
  • Clean and dirty laundry / textile areas are separate.
  • Personnel clothes are washed at the appropriate temperature and time, ironed with a steam iron and hanged in the uniform room.
  • It is strictly forbidden to enter the uniform room, except for the laundry staff. The uniform room is regularly disinfected.
  • The mats used in room cleaning are washed at 90 C and dried in the dryer in addition to washing.
  • The areas where clean laundry is stored are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Security and Health Service

  • On-site and off-site security guards, paramedics and ambulance vehicles are available 24/7 at our facility.
  • According to the guidelines of the public authorities, the necessary procedures and service standards have been defined in order to ensure isolation in possible suspect or case situations, and isolation areas have been determined.
  • Body temperature measurements of all visitors, suppliers and outsourced service providers entering our facility are measured at the main entrances and preventive measures are taken.
  • The infrastructure and standards ensuring the safety and hygiene of all products from the delivery of the product to the presentation to the guest are applied in our facility.

According to the circular titled "Controlled Normalization Process in Accommodation Facilities" of the Ministry of Tourism, some mandatory practices were introduced and some services were restricted.
We will continue to update this page according to the latest information to come.

For further information and questions please contact us.