Turkish Bath

The sea water, which is removed from the sea at a depth of 55 meters from the sea, is heated at a temperature of 33 degrees and applied with 12 separate water massages. In this way, while natural minerals from the sea work on your skin, the temperature opens the pores and relaxes your muscles. After a while in the Turkish bath for a while on the hot belly stone rest and pouch-foam application will smooth your skin and peeling blood circulation will accelerate. The application of the bath will continue with aroma therapy massage using special aromatic oils and your skin will be protected from moisture. The last step of this special package includes a detox mask and detox tea.


Application duration 30 minutes
While toxins are disposed by heat and steam within the steamy atmosphere of traditional Turkish Bath, bath glove purifies your skin of dead cells and refreshes your energy. Your skin is regenerated and blossomed with this intense cleaning. Your sun tanned skin lasts more. Explosion of soap balloons that cover your skin after bath glove application creates an effect of massage. The feeling of refreshment and cleanliness after washing with foam is absolutely unique.


Therapy duration 30 minutes
The whole body is massaged with herbs filled in silk bath gloves in traditional Turkish Bath. The relaxing effects of herbs penetrate not only in the tissues but also in the depths of whole organism.
Lavender – thyme - daisy


Therapy duration 30 minutes
Crystallized sea salt is applied on whole body except for the facial area with a natural aroma oil mixture suitable for the skin type with fluent massage movements. This massage provides a complete relaxation with its relaxing and mineral supportive effect.