Welcoming 2021 Season With Innovations

World Of Sunrise, since 1993, has renewed itself by continuously diversifying its services and increasing its comfort during this time. After some improvements that we implemented in 2017, we continued to be up to date. We will welcome our guests, with innovations that will make your vacation in 2021 more pleasant.

What did we do?

While many guests are planning their vacation, they are looking for a new hotel for themselves or their families. This is done both to see a new and appealing architectural design and to benefit from advanced facilities and technologies. To meet that expectation, we've listened to you, checked your comments, spoken to our teammates, and decided to update our favourite rooms and general areas.

What's new in the rooms?

The changing new face of our clubrooms offers you relaxing comfort in new and fresh colours. We have achieved integrity by reflecting this change on fabric colours. Refurbished beds provide a good night's sleep, while the reinforced and increased number of lights allow you to spend more time in your room. You will find sufficient charging options for your electronic devices with an increased number of sockets. Please check our picture gallery to see new colours and indoor decoration!

  • Renewed lighting equipment,
  • Improved lighting
  • Renovated bed
  • Renewed sleeping textile
  • Renewed living textile
  • New seating groups in some rooms according to the structure of the room, new colour and new interior colours
  • Sockets with elevated and easily accessible positions.

Innovations in general areas


The buffets in the main restaurants of the Starlight Resort and Sunrise Resort have been renewed to meet hygiene standards and social distance after the pandemic and to achieve the desired taste without waiting in line in a more spacious environment.

We will offer more outdoor alternatives by making more active use of the adult terrace of the Starlight Resort Restaurant. There is also a new bar and buffets here. So you can enjoy your meals by looking at the deep blue of the Mediterranean and then enjoy the summer evenings with delicious cocktails.

We have also thought of our little guests; Children's kiosks were also set up after the pandemic and are easily accessible and brightly positioned.


Our Aquapark, one of the places where all guests from 7 to 70 years of age spend their best time, is growing! With the web bubble and activity pool, new slides will be added to the existing slides and at the same time, it will be possible to have fun that is better suited for social distancing.

We had our guests who suggested more delicious and varied snacks in the aquapark. We evaluated these suggestions and designed a new snack restaurant next to the aquapark. This way you can enjoy delicious snacks during the day without interrupting the fun.

A la carte restaurant with a new theme

We have renewed the Sini Restaurant, which is located between Sunrise Resort and Starlight Resort, with a more up-to-date and delicious concept that includes pork as well as all other meats. In this way, the pleasure of grilling in the open air awaits you safely and at the same time, you can taste the flavours that you are used to on vacation at home.

2020 passed with negative memories for all of us. But we are sure that 2021 will be better. We look forward to welcoming you to a more hopeful, safer and more enjoyable vacation in 2021 by supporting the increasing health measures with these innovations.