Our dear guests;

Covid-19, economically and socially changed the way we live and likewise the whole world, it has affected everyone, every sector in our country from the beginning to the end, as well as the tourism sector. As a result of the measures taken in March, travel bans and algorithms, the wheels of life have come to a standstill. The measures and restrictions taken by the Turkish State; hotels had to enter the summer season closed. The lifting of restrictions took place in the middle of summer season. Hotels, which are the most important elements of the tourism sector, have taken precautions and necessary service standard changes mandated by the Turkish State, nevertheless many of them have decided not to open their doors this year. In the face of this situation, which states and even international health institutions cannot foresee the consequences all over the world, they have chosen to stay away from an attempt that will put human health at risk. Airlines have faced the greatest damage and crisis in history as a result of flight cancellations. It has been left alone with the biggest crisis of its history in the tourism sector, which continues with complex operations. They tried to find a solution in order not to leave their guests in a difficult situation in the face of reservation cancellations and refunds, on the other hand, they tried to manage this crisis. In the face of the World Health Organization's announcement that the fight against this disease will take longer than expected, it seems the best decision to keep the hotels closed.

As World of Sunrise, we have fulfilled all the precautions in the guidelines set by the state. We carried out the necessary operations regarding all reservations for the period we were closed. We made all the refunds. We did not leave any of our guests in a difficult situation.

However, we apologize to all our guests for the delays and malfunctions that occurred despite the reflex we have created in the face of such a big crisis. We had to work with the narrowest teams possible, as we also had to pay attention to the health of our employees. We think you will understand all of these. With the crisis management we have created within ourselves, we both managed the process and put our future measures into perspective.

We believe that we will get through these days altogether and wish all our guests healthy days.