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Announcement Regarding Coronavirus (Covid19)

Dear guests and business partners,

As in all countries of the world, we closely follow the news and updates about the Corona virus (COVID-19) and show great importance to the health and safety of our guests and employees with great care and responsibility.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been working together and exchanging information with local authorities and professional associations of tourism, especially with the Ministry of Health. We make sure to follow the information and instructions provided by the Ministry of Health. First of all, we would like to point out that there are no confirmed cases, sick guests or employees in our hotels so far. As a first precaution, we have stopped accepting guests into our hotels. During this period, which lasts until May 1st, while disinfection processes continue in open and closed areas, we will also train and inform our employees.

At World Of Sunrise, we take all the necessary measures to ensure that your stay will be with the greatest possible comfort and the greatest possible security. In this context, we have further increased our cleaning and hygiene standards.

What are the precautions we take?

Our existing procedures and standards shaped and certificated according to Food safety and control systems (ISO 22000-2005, FOC), quality management systems (ISO 9001-2015, FOC), environmental management (ISO 14001-2015, FOC. These standards have already hold some steps against possible pandemics, but of course we have further strengthened these processes.

  • In closed and open areas, all surfaces which can be contacted or not contacted, are disinfected after cleaning with regular surface cleaners using chlorine-based disinfectants and medical-grade chemicals.
  • We apply these products approved by the Ministry of Health, which have been shown to be effective against viruses and bacteria and not harmful to human health through thin spraying (ULV). This aerosol mist application destroys microorganisms and viruses that hang in the air and adhere to the surfaces of our guest rooms and all public areas.
  • Our quality department conducts tests and measurements with relevant laboratories, taking samples from both food and public areas such as pools as part of their regular business plan.
  • Our employees receive regular training to provide complete information on communicable diseases, preventive measures against diseases and compliance with general and personal hygiene regulations. These training programs became common after the coronavirus epidemic occurred in our country, and their content focused on fighting the coronavirus.
  • The number of alcohol-based hand disinfectants has been increased in our hotels. These disinfectants are regularly checked and renewed at all restaurant entrances and toilets. Particular attention is paid to their procurement and sales process. In addition, our employees are regularly provided with disinfectants and asked to use them.
  • Common rooms and guest toilets are disinfected with ozone devices for air purification.
  • By taking special care of all public toilets in the lobby, in restaurants, bars, pools, fitness centers and hotels, the cleaning of public areas is systematically ensured.
  • All textile products in the guest rooms were washed at a temperature of 60 to 90 degrees and cleaned with suitable disinfectants at a medical level.
  • Our employees who have been abroad have a 14-day application for personal quarantine and are not present at the hotel. In addition, all of our employees whose operations are possible have switched to the home office model as part of social isolation measures.
  • Elevator buttons, door handles, banisters, reception and guest information switches and devices, televisions and telephones in the rooms continue to be cleaned with medical-grade disinfectants.
  • All surfaces and toys in the kids' club are cleaned and disinfected daily. Ozone devices for air purification are operated with higher sales in these regions.

In these difficult times, we believe that our guests should receive comprehensive information about all precautions and practices to keep our guests' comfort and health at the highest level.

When we accept guests again, we are ready to give you full confidence and eliminate risk factors. We hope to control this outbreak worldwide as soon as possible. We sincerely believe that we will solve this problem together.
You can reach us on any topic you are wondering and manage your questions.


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