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Special Thalasso Packedge

Renew your holiday with the natural healing feature of the sea and the practices of our experienced Spa & Thalasso team. With this special package, the most popular products of Starlight Thalasso and SPA center came together in an ideal package with an affordable offer.

The sea water, which is removed from the sea at a depth of 55 meters from the sea, is heated at a temperature of 33 degrees and applied with 12 separate water massages. In this way, while natural minerals from the sea work on your skin, the temperature opens the pores and relaxes your muscles. After a while in the Turkish bath for a while on the hot belly stone rest and pouch-foam application will smooth your skin and peeling blood circulation will accelerate. The application of the bath will continue with aroma therapy massage using special aromatic oils and your skin will be protected from moisture. The last step of this special package includes a detox mask and detox tea.

Package Contents;

  • Thalasso & Aqua Gym - 30 min
  • Peeling & Foam Massage - 30 min
  • Relaxing Aroma Massage - 30 min
  • Face Mask (Clay) - 15 min

Special Offer: $ 80

There are 2 SPA centers in both of our hotels. At Starlight Resort, Thalasso Center is the only facility that can offer sea water therapies in the region. Learn more about the SPA offer.

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