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    Starlight Resort

    Main Restaurant

    Our main restaurant in the main building of Starlight serves buffet breakfast, late breakfast, lunch and dinner, night snack and night breakfast. The delicacies prepared by our experienced chefs are served in our rich open buffet.

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      Starlight Resort

      Adult Restaurant

      Located on the same floor as the main restaurant in the main building of Starlight Resort, the restaurant serves guests over 16 years of age.

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      • Starlight selalae bar
        Starlight Resort

        Waterfall Snack Restaurant

        Waterfowl Snack Restaurant, where you can find the most delicious form of snacks and fast food, serves as an open buffet.

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          Starlight Resort

          Star Executive Lounge

          Our VIP guests can benefit from the Star Executive Lounge restaurant with extra charge, which is a special restaurant

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            Starlight Resort


            Experience the most special tastes of the Mediterranean cuisine in the Mediterranean A lezzetla Carte with the presentations from the skillful hands of the master chefs.

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              Starlight Resort

              Moulin Rouge

              The Moulin Rouge A'la Carte offers a unique and unforgettable romantic dinner with a unique presentation.

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                Starlight Resort

                Santa Lucia

                Santa Lucia A'la Carte, which will make you feel like a dinner in Italy with its atmosphere and tastes, is waiting for you to discover the most delicious menus of Italian cuisine.

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                  Starlight Resort


                  Special Indian food menus at Indian Ganesha A La Carte, with unique touches with special spices from our expert chefs, await flavor-lovers.

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                    Starlight Resort


                    Offering traditional Aztec flavors and carefully selected flavors from Mexican cuisine, Azteca A'la Carte will make you feel in Mexico.

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                      Starlight Resort


                      Volga A'la Carte, where you will taste the traditional delicacies of Russian cuisine, will transform your dinner into a feast with its special presentations and meticulously prepared menus by master chefs.

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                        Starlight Resort


                        Miyako A'la Carte, which serves different tastes and sushi varieties of the Far East, is waiting for the enthusiasts with its attractive atmosphere.

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                          Starlight Resort


                          Teppanyaki A'la Carte, prepared by our far east chefs with special shows and offering unique tastes, offers a fun feast in the main building of Starlight with its Japanese culture-reflecting atmosphere and special menus.

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                            Starlight Resort

                            Lobby Bar

                            Enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the Lobby Bar with its friendly staff, special cocktail presentations and quality service.

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                              Starlight Resort

                              Upper Lobby Bar

                              The Upper Lobby Bar, located in the main building of Starlight Resort, is the meeting point for those who want to sip their drinks on summer evenings with hot, cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, terrace with sea view and impressive decoration.

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                                Starlight Resort

                                Elephant Pool Bar

                                You will feel yourself in heaven while sipping your drinks in the pool

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                                  Starlight Resort

                                  Waterfall Snack Bar

                                  During the most intense sunny hours of the day, sip your drinks in the Starlight Cave.

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                                    Starlight Resort

                                    Saigon Bar

                                    You can reach the pool bar, which is placed in the Starlight Filli Pool, by swimming or walking.

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                                      Starlight Resort

                                      Dolce Lion Night Club

                                      Located in Starlight Apollon Street, the Dolce Lion Night Club offers unforgettable nights with unlimited entertainment and themed parties accompanied by popular world music.

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                                        Starlight Resort

                                        Secret Garden

                                        With its location in the countryside and its unique hot tub, the Secret Bar awaits our guests who want to receive exclusive service.

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                                          Starlight Resort

                                          Room Service

                                          Vast choices of delicious snacks and courses are available from Starlight kitchen. At your service 24 hours.

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                                            Sunrise Resort

                                            Sunset A’la Carte

                                            The sunset will be accompanied by the sea; Sunset A'la Carte; fresh and rich fish menu will excite our guests who love seafood.

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                                              Sunrise Resort


                                              Your choice of fresh vegetables, meat and seafood in the Mongolian à la carte restaurant is cooked by our master chefs with special sauces.

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                                                Sunrise Resort

                                                Sini Turk A La Carte

                                                Sini à la carte, where you can taste the unique tastes of traditional Turkish cuisine, brings the ones who can not give up Turkish cuisine with the rich menu content to the top of the taste.

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                                                  Sunrise Resort


                                                  The barbecue à la carte offers its guests the pleasure of barbecue with traditional Turkish delicacies.

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                                                  • Sunrise lobby bar
                                                    Sunrise Resort

                                                    Lobby Bar

                                                    Lobby Bar, located in the main building of Starlight Resort, will be the address of your pleasant moments with the view of the sea, pool and garden on the lobby and back terrace.

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                                                      Sunrise Resort

                                                      Aqua Snack Restaurant

                                                      Probably the tastiest snacks and fast-food alternatives in the house. Close to the Aqua park, open and blended-in-to-nature design.

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                                                      • 59310548_Relax-Havuz-Bar
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                                                        Sunrise Resort

                                                        Relax Pool Bar

                                                        Located just next to the relax pool at the garden side, offers vast selection of drinks and coctails while enjoying a relaxing pool moment.

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                                                        • Sunrise kosk bar
                                                          Sunrise Resort

                                                          Upper Bar

                                                          Located in the lobby level, this bar offers cold and hot bevereges with delicious patisserie selections.

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                                                          • 32667177_Sunrise-Beach-Club-Bar
                                                            Sunrise Resort

                                                            Sunrise Beach Club

                                                            We invite you to pamper yourself and have a little break while enjoying the sea and the pier, the Sunrise Beach Club, which offers a rich selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and great views of the Mediterranean.

                                                            • Ana Restaurant
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                                                              Sunrise Resort

                                                              Main Restaurant

                                                              The main restaurant, which serves in open buffet format with its rich options, will take you to different flavour journeys while beinga feast to your eyes as well.

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                                                                Sunrise Resort

                                                                Snack Restaurant

                                                                With its exceptional location close to the seashore, Sunrise Snack Restaurant comes with comfortable, open tables and with a bar. Delicious snack alternatives, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages await you.

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                                                                • MG_8105-HDR
                                                                • Sunrise aquasnack bar
                                                                  Sunrise Resort

                                                                  Aqua Snack Bar

                                                                  Probably the tastiest snacks and fast-food alternatives in the house. Close to the Aqua park, open and blended-in-to-nature design.

                                                                  • Sunrise odaservisi kapak
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                                                                    Sunrise Resort

                                                                    Room Service

                                                                    Vast choices of delicious snacks and courses are available from Sunrise kitchen. At your service 24 hours.

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                                                                    • Sunrise Pastane 3
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                                                                      Sunrise Resort


                                                                      Patisserie is located at the Sunrise Lobby. Fresh bakeries, quality coffee and sweet snacks can be found all day long.

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                                                                        Starlight Resort


                                                                        Patisserie is located in shopping center level of Starlight Resort. Fresh bakeries, quality coffee and sweet snacks can be found all day long.