Our Policy



At World Of Sunrise, with an unwavering commitment to our core values and a guest and quality-oriented service approach, we aim to:

  1. Ensure guest satisfaction by providing effective and implementable solutions to guest requests, expectations, and complaints.
  2. Contribute to the protection and enhancement of environmental values without jeopardizing the existence and quality of resources that future generations will need, by preventing environmental pollution.
  3. Produce and provide reliable food.
  4. Establish safe and healthy working conditions by working with the zero-accident principle in occupational health and safety, and prevent injuries and health problems.
  5. Reduce risks by eliminating hazards that may affect Information Security, Food Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, and the Environment.
  6. Protect information assets, ensure the confidentiality of information and data, and guard against unauthorized access by those attempting to compromise the integrity of information.
  7. Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements that we are responsible for, as well as mutually agreed-upon terms with relevant parties, and increase awareness among our employees and all relevant stakeholders regarding this compliance and requirements.
  8. Achieve our goals with all our employees and relevant stakeholders who understand our vision and mission.
  9. Continuously improve our management systems through effective communication methods established with all relevant stakeholders, by providing the necessary conditions for consultation and participation of all employees and employee representatives.

We have adopted these as our goals and principles.


  1. Environmental Sustainability Policy: As a company, we embrace the principle of environmental sustainability. We direct our activities to minimize their impact on the environment.
  2. Local/Regional Development and Employment Support: By supporting local and regional development, we contribute to job creation. Our aim is to have a positive impact on the economy of our region.
  3. Equal Opportunities and Performance Analysis: We provide equal opportunities to all our employees, including management positions. We do not discriminate when evaluating performance and progress.
  4. Employee Rights and Legal Compliance: We respect employee rights and shape our operations in accordance with legal regulations. We ensure that employees are treated fairly and ethically.
  5. Opposition to Child Labor: We are against child labor and do not support this phenomenon. We commit to providing ethical and legal working conditions.
  6. Employee Development and Training: We offer regular training to support the development of our employees. We encourage them to enhance both their personal and professional skills.
  7. Healthy and Safe Working Environment: We provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees. We establish various channels for them to provide suggestions and complaints.
  8. Employee Feedback and Management Improvement: By considering feedback from employees, we continuously improve our management systems. We promote employee participation and suggestions.
  9. Occupational Health and Safety Culture: We aim to institutionalize occupational health and safety by working with a zero-accident principle. Our goal is to ensure the safety of all employees at every level.
  10. Informing About Natural and Cultural Heritage: We aim to inform our guests and employees about local and regional natural and cultural heritage in a meaningful and understandable way to contribute to its preservation and awareness.
  11. Guest Feedback and Process Improvement: We evaluate all feedback from our guests. Based on the data obtained, we continuously improve our business processes.
  12. Investments Considerate of Risks: When planning our investments, we consider protected sensitive areas, historical heritage, and environmental risks. We prefer local and sustainable practices.
  13. Accessibility and Special Needs: We adopt an accessible service approach by considering the needs of guests and employees with special requirements when designing our buildings and concepts.
  14. Contribution to Cultural and Historical Values: We respect local and regional cultural, historical, and spiritual values and commit to their preservation and development.
  15. Product and Service Quality Evaluation: We evaluate the quality of products and services in our purchases, continuously analyze them, and aim to provide the best experience through improvements.
  16. Sustainable Supplier Selection: By giving priority to local and domestic production/service providers in supplier selection, we aim to contribute to the development and economy of the region. We maintain fair and honest supplier relationships.
  17. Opposition to Discrimination and Human Rights Violation: We reject discrimination based on language, religion, race, gender, and uphold human rights. We stand against any form of exploitation of special protected groups and vulnerable groups.
  18. Opposition to Domestic Violence and Child Abuse: We oppose phenomena such as domestic violence and child abuse. We aim to contribute to the resolution of social issues by taking measures.
  19. Commitment to Values and Legal Compliance: We manage our processes in compliance with fundamental values and legal regulations, and we act with the aim of continuous improvement.
  20. Information Security and Continuous Improvement: We act in compliance with relevant regulations regarding information security, continuously improving our processes in line with current security standards.
  21. Risk Management and Continuous Improvement: We address our business processes by analyzing internal and external risks in advance, and we continuously improve them with the goal of continuous improvement. We also evaluate new opportunities.
  22. Long-Term Value Creation Objective: In line with sustainable development, we aim to be a pioneer in the industry in creating long-term value. Our goal is to have a positive impact on both society and the environment.


  1. Prevention of Environmental Pollution and Ecosystem Protection: We commit to preventing environmental pollution and preserving biodiversity by continuously improving our relevant processes.
  2. Use of Renewable Energy: We aim to reduce our environmental impact by increasing the use of renewable and clean energy sources.
  3. Efficient Use of Natural Resources: Our goal is to prevent waste and support sustainability by using natural resources efficiently.
  4. Reduction of Water Consumption: We will work on reducing water consumption to conserve water resources and promote sustainable water management.
  5. Waste Management and Zero Waste Principle: We are committed to the zero waste principle by reducing, segregating, and recycling waste at its source.
  6. Reduction of Chemical and Pesticide Usage: We commit to reducing the use of chemicals and pesticides by preferring environmentally friendly products.
  7. Risk Analysis and Environmental Opportunities: We plan to reduce our environmental impact through effective risk analysis and by exploring new environmental opportunities.
  8. Use of Environmentally Friendly Products: We will encourage the use of environmentally friendly products to guide consumption habits.
  9. Acting with a Life Cycle Perspective: With a focus on the product life cycle, we aim to reduce environmental impact when designing and implementing processes.
  10. Carbon Footprint Reduction: We commit to reducing our carbon footprint in line with our set targets.
  11. Emergency Response Activities: Our aim is to be prepared by conducting planned activities to reduce environmental impacts resulting from emergencies.
  12. Employee Support and Training: We will provide training that supports our environmental management system's effectiveness and raises awareness among our employees.
  13. Corporate Environmental Culture: By integrating environmental conservation activities into our corporate culture, we will encourage the participation of all stakeholders.
  14. Environmental Supplier Selection: We aim to reduce environmental impact in the supply chain by giving priority to environmentally sustainable suppliers.
  15. Environmental Compliance and Information: We aim to inform and engage relevant parties by fulfilling our environmental commitments.