Enjoy The Nature

The greenest hotel in the region; unique nature, splendid scenery, unique walkways and fruit trees in front of your window - the place for the peaceful holiday is waiting for you!

As World Of Sunrise Hotels, you can experience a holiday in nature, where you can see all the greens. On the side of the Sunrise Resort Hotel you can reach 65,000 m² and on the side of the Starlight Resort Hotel 85,000 m² of green space and a total of 150,000 m² of green space. Over 140 plant species, more than 30,000 trees, shrubs and plants will accompany you on your holiday in our large landscape.

Walking in Nature

You will take your walks in the flower beds! You will discover different types of trees on each road in the greenery that is spread over every area of the walking paths. You will admire the harmony with the ornamental plants of the fruit trees interspersed in the gardens.

Bougainvillea Feast

Tree species include Jacaranda mimosifolia (jacaranda), Melia azederach (rosary tree), Grevillea Pinus pinea (pistachio pine), palm, palm trees, Leylandii, lemon cypress, Ficus nitida (street benjamini), tree species, needlepoints, bananas density.

Agave plant from the UNESCO World Heritage List

Agave is a succulent plant of the genus Patience Giller (Agavaceae), which is widespread in Central and South America.

The species is referred to in Turkish as patience or "patience ede". It should not be confused with Aloe Vera (yellow patience), which is similar in appearance. Yucca-like species from the same family are popular ornamental plants. It is also called century plant because it was up to 100 years old.

The Agave plant is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and regularly cultivated agave crops are promoted by UNESCO for sustainable agriculture. Agave plants are also in our garden. We are proud to see that our agave plants flowered this year, which is a very rare occasion.

The Botanic Tour

Once a week, we welcome our guests in the greenhouse of our hotel. In this activity, we offer our guests organic fruits and herbal teas that we grow in our garden. There is also a short tour around our greenhouse. This event is hosted by our landscaping architect Mr. Ömer Söyleli and enables our guests to get interesting information about our garden while having a pleasant time.