All About Blue...

World Of Sunrise with its 11 swimming pools, fun filled waterpark and the 540 meters long natural beach which opens to the fresh Mediterranean sea, offers you the best and most enjoyable holiday.

Whether you're having a fun day with your family at the aquapark or at the silent pool, reading that novel which is waiting for you to start for a long time, there is a blue experience for all.

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Aqua Park

Enjoy the waterpark, have fun with splash!

Here is the venue for turning your vacation into an unforgettable memory. Many slides with surprising features and design will increase the thrill of the your sliding experience. Waterpark is a great place to have fun with family and friends as there are many different sections which offer activities for all ages.

Aquapark, is located in the middle of our hotels. Apart from water slides with different features, there is also a children's play pool in a natural sandy beach with real sea sand. Aquapark is one of our favorite places for our little guests.

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The Beach and The Pier

World Of Sunrise hotels have a 540 m long sandy and pebbly beach. The beach area is accessible from both hotels with sun loungers, a shaded playground for children and water sports.

The beach pavilions, which were added in 2019, offer a privileged area with a private area covered with grass and a special area of pavilions.

Our pier is located on the platform that goes away from the beach with wooden path. Sun loungers for sunbathing, showers and private pavilions are also very enjoyable to watch the sunset from our pier.

Swimming Pools

Meet the best of blue during your holiday! World Of Sunrise features 11 on-site swimming pools which are designed to fulfil all different expectations.

Apart from our main pools in which daytime pool games, entertainment and music take place, adult-only pools and quiet pools offer our guests special experiences. Children private pools provide safe swimming and entertainment for children at all locations. Pools with water fall, Thalasso pool or indoor pools are design variants which are waiting for you.

Our pools have lifeguards at different times according to the season. Local and international quality standards are maintained.

Indoor Pools

World Of Sunrise has 2 indoor pools, one at Starlight Resort and one at Sunrise Resort. Indoor pools, with panoramic transparent ceilings invites the unique botanical garden view from outside into the pool are while protecting our guests from rain or cooler temperatures, guaranteeing a pleasant experience regardless of the weather.

The Starlight Resort indoor pool is 392 m² and the Sunrise Resort indoor pool is 174 m². 1.40 m. depth pools provide a safe and comfortable swimming experience.

The private Thalasso pool at Starlight Resort Thalasso and SPA center offers a special experience in all seasons, both indoor and outdoor. For more information: Thalasso Pool page.

Indoor pools are always waiting for you to enjoy your swimming pool or to practice your swimming!

Vip Pool

Located in the Secret Garden, VIP Pool offers a different pool experience surrounded by lush landscapes with natural rock and waterfall decoration. The sun loungers in the water help you cool off while sunbathing.

There are also pavilions in the hidden garden. Treats and drinks are offered by your private staff with an extra fee.

It is one of the most popular places for our guests who take holiday photos.