Thalasso Pool

When you compare human blood plasma to sea water composition, it is almost identical. When seawater is heated to body temperature, the absorption of vital elements called oligo elements by the skin becomes even easier. This has relaxing effects on muscles, relieving contractions and relieving pain. Sea water contains 104 elements and minerals as in body plasma. The main ingredients in 1 m³ of sea water are: copper 10 mg, barium 50 mg, manganese 3 mg, iodine 50 mg, selenium 4 mg, lithium 100 mg, zinc 14 mg, fluoride 1.4 mg, rubidium 20 mg. Thalasso Therapy water massage regulates blood circulation and provides relaxation to the soul and body. It regulates the digestive and circulatory system. Doctors recommend the benefits of anti-stress, anti-cellulite, rheumatic pain relief, slimming and tightening, prenatal and postnatal therapy, hip and knee pain relief.

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