• Hurrem Sultan Giris
    Starlight Thalasso & SPA


    The pattern and decoration for the sole as well as the stones placed for reflexology (foot massage) are pressed on the points on the sole of the foot while walking with heavy steps using one's own body weight, so that a natural reflexolgy massage is applied.

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    • Tuz odasi 1
      Starlight Thalasso & SPA

      Salt Room

      Taking salt therapy provides a significant increase in quality of life.

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        Starlight Thalasso & SPA

        Snow Room

        Designed to cool down the body after sauna and other hot therapies, snow fountains provide a milder temperature change compared to taking a cold shower or going into the pool immediately after hot therapies, making them ideal for our guests who don’t like cold shocks.

        • 85926454_Tepiderium
          Starlight Thalasso & SPA


          Enjoy the rejuvenating, refreshing and comforting effect of the Tepidarium for hours. A tepidarium is a bed of rejuvenating hot stones also once used by the ancient Romans.

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            Starlight Thalasso & SPA

            Salt Aroma Steam Room

            Liquid salt with natural saline essences is released periodically into the Salt Aroma Steam Room after going through various processes.

            • 49932497_Lokanium
              Starlight Thalasso & SPA


              The Locanium is for our guests who find the Finnish Sauna too hot and too humid. The purification process starts in a harmonic environment at between 30 - 40 Co. This mild experience is suitable for everybody.

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                Starlight Thalasso & SPA

                Aroma Steam Room

                4 kinds of exotic aromatherapy oils and steam combined...

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                  Starlight Thalasso & SPA

                  Russian Sauna

                  Detoxicate your body in the Russian Sauna

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                    Starlight Thalasso & SPA

                    Bio Sauna

                    A relaxing and healthy experience awaits you at the Bio Sauna

                    • Klasik-sauna
                      Starlight Thalasso & SPA

                      Classic Sauna

                      Detoxicate your body in the Classic Sauna