Starlight Relax Turkish Bath

Peeling and foam massage is used to clean the dead skin and open the pores. In this way, the effect of subsequent care on the body is increased. Peeling is applied to the whole body by using a pouch followed by soap-foam massage. The body is finished by rinsing.

Bath Glove Peeling

The "kese" traditional bath pouch , which forms the first stage in the Turkish bath tradition, is used to clean and purify after a good sweating. Pouch, bacteria in the pores of the skin, removes harmful waste materials and clogged pores, removes roughness. Deeply cleanses body coverage and removes toxin cells and rebuilds the upper layer. The purse not only cleanses and beautifies our body, but also makes the body as a whole healthier. Especially with the strengthening of the immune system, the body will be healthier and more vigorous against diseases.

Foam Massage

A traditional Turkish massage in the Turkish bath. After a good and healthy pouch, it is made to complete the beneficial effects of the pouch and to provide better cleansing of the body. Foam is made to cover the whole body with traditional Turkish bath method. with the application of massage, not only skin cleansing, but especially skin, subcutaneous fat tissue and cellulite tissue mobility is provided and increased blood circulation accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body.