Our center works with world-renowned brands that have a wide concept in skin and body care, skin cleansing, anti-aging, moisture, oxygen, slimming, recovery, cellulite and so on. You will notice that skin and body treatments using the French brand Thalago and Ericson products change you spiritually and physically.

Deep Moisturising

It is the most effective moisturizing treatment using a unique mask combined with marine active ingredients and plant milks. Benefit: combats loss of moisture, improves skin quality, and provides shiny, soft skin.

Balancing and Deep Rinsing - Oily and Acne Skin Types

Suitable for oily and problematic skin. regulate seborrhea, relief of redness, skin disorders and comedones. Benefit: For oily and problematic skin. prevents the formation of acne on the skin. balances and maintains the skin.

Moisturising Mineral Treatment with Seaweed

Applied with natural algae, this mineralized treatment is suitable for all skin types. Marine active elements fortified with liposomes provide minerals to the tissue, purify and improve circulation. natural marine algae mask is used in this treatment. Benefit: revitalizes skin, provides mineral, moisturizes and nourishes.

Strength Treatment for Weak Skin Types

It contains a mask with menthol effect developed especially for cupers that develop over time in sensitive skin. Your skin relaxes, moisturizes, gets a clear, pure appearance. Benefit: soothes sensitive skin, relaxes facial contours, moisturizes skin and protects it from external influences.

Nutrition Treatment with Vitamins

Complex algomega contains two separate algae; This treatment for omega 3 and omega 6 dry and very dry skin types nourishes your skin and provides renewal. Benefit: prevents moisture evaporation and flaking.

Anti-Agiging Cologen Treatment

From the age of 25, new professional anti-aging care against fine lines and expression lines... With the new generation of anti-aging system, you can see the effect of smoothing, filling and picking from the first session. It regulates collagen production and meets the skin moisture need and provides elasticity with intensive anti wrinkle care.

Anti-Agining Hyaluroic Filler Treatment

From the age of 35, new professional anti-aging care against pronounced wrinkles.. With the new generation of anti-aging system, you can see the effect of smoothing, filling and picking from the first session. Provides a smooth appearance by arranging the texture in deep lines. increases elasticity and improves facial contour. Provides filling in deep wrinkles and fullness of skin.

Anti-Agining Silicium Treatment

New professional anti-aging treatment against obvious wrinkles and sagging from the age of 40 .. With the new generation of anti-aging system, you can see the effect of smoothing, filling and picking from the first session. Provides a smooth appearance by arranging the texture in deep lines. increases elasticity and improves facial contour.

Anti-Agining Exceptional Treatment

From the age of 45, anti-aging, which uses the power of natural seaweed hormones. special massage technique, each muscle on the face deeply affects, shows a lifting effect and striking, even lasting results are observed. facial model is renewed internally, skin oval becomes firmer and more radiant appearance. Benefit: Delays aging, long lasting effect.

Deep Cleansing Skin Care for Men

This special treatment, which accelerates the natural renewal process of your skin thanks to oxygen intake, is prepared for you. Ocean Mask deeply cleanses your skin while preserving your natural moisture balance with intense mineral additive. Benefit: refreshes your skin, revitalizes, minimizes the effects of aging.

Anti inflammatory, anti wrinkle eye treatment

Thalgo eye care is highly effective on wrinkles, dark circles and swellings in less than 30 minutes, eye care that includes special massage movements for sensitive eye contours and to provide visible results only after a treatment.

Skin Smoothing and Firming Body Treatment

Natural sea salt, algae and mud, which are rich in minerals, vitamins, applied to the problem areas of the body, give the skin the moisture it needs, and gain form with its thinning and firming effect. It facilitates toxin excretion by regulating lymphatic circulation in the body. It helps to restructure the body against cellulite and circulation problems.

Intense moisturizer and mineral support with Seaweed Body Treatment

Pure micro powder from the British coast is applied with algae. This power from the sea, thinner, stimulates metabolism, toxins are rapidly removed. It purifies the skin from its acidic value, turns it into alkaline, and normalizes its metabolism. Moisturizes & soothes skin Gives mineral & tension to skin

Varicosis and Cellulite Treatment

Cold body care. It is very effective in removing excess fluid in legs, hips and waist. It helps to break down the fat tissues and help the skin to get stuck and prevents cellulite formation.

Oxygen Treatment

Slimming and tightening care that stops the development of cellulite.. The new active ingredient OXY ACTIVE TECHNOLOGY allows the cells to breathe and the adipocyte cells to shrink. With SCULPT ACTIVE TECHNOLOGY, it provides deep stretching of all layers and prevents the expansion of deep fat tissue. Eliminates the stored oil with wrapping which defibers the tissues in pure oxygen. It provides effect against deep oils and sagging with Perfect Sculpt Massage technique.

Insulinol Diet Treatment for Cellulite

Insulin blocker body care to combat regional fats and cellulites.. Increasing drainage and edema, reducing the appearance of capillaries, improving and preventing stretch marks, firming loose tissues, body shaping care.

Slim & Lift Body Treatment

Slim & lift is a complete “multi-active” treatment: thin, tighten, repair vessels and tissue ligaments. slimming cream provides fat to firmness. By activating the calcium effect in the conversion of pre-adiposides to mature adiposides, it provides a reduction in fat production and activates the firming collagen synthesis. thus achieves a dual ”thinner + firming” effect.

Presso Threapy

Pressotherapy is a pressure therapy that is applied from the base of the foot to the bottom of the chest with the pressure stimulation it has made starting from the lymph points in the body. It accelerates lymphatic and venous circulation in the body and drains the fluid accumulated between the vessels. is an effective therapy for regional slimming.

New Life Fast Weight Loss

For those who want to regain their former body form without much effort, it uses the natural possibilities of the body to burn fat. It is used as one of the newest and most impressive treatment methods in which medicine comes from body thinning and getting rid of unwanted, deforming oils. One of the major problems of women is the struggle with regional fat storage and the appearance of orange peel has been going on for a long time.

Paraffin Hand and Foot Care

Dried, dehydrated, cracked, worn hands and feet showing positive results and is a product that is completely free of chemicals from the skin. Prevents deformation of hands and feet with age.