VIP Rituals

In our VIP rooms, which you can enjoy with your spouse and friends, they are offered with jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath, rain shower, special dressing area, towels, loincloth, slippers, fruit plate and drinks. our experts will be happy to help you with the ritual treatments you choose. Natural treatments are the most preferred and best results today. When we look at history, we can see that babylonians and Egyptians use oily perfumes, they put various scents in the Egyptian baths, clean their bodies with clay and massage their body with fragrant oils after bathing.

Indoceane VIP Ritual

Step by step, it blends the pleasant scents, colors and nature of the nature with the ocean waters, offering you beauty, care and comfort. Combining the legendary beauty secrets of the Mediterranean, Egyptian, Indian and Chinese languages, Indocean care purifies your body by starting with a fragrant body peeling, moisturises your skin with a milk bath, revitalizes with a massage using traditional techniques, and completes your body care with a unique cream mask.

You will feel a unique calm, vitality, freshness and peace in your body and soul.

Green Tea Ritual

One of the great features of green tea is that it contains high amount of antioxidants. Anti-oxidants help protect your skin against free radicals and help prevent aging and wrinkles. Thanks to the green tea, blood circulation and therefore oxygen transport to the cells increases. The body regains its health and serenity. Green tea also shows antioxidant properties, nourishes the skin and delays maturation.

Argan VIP Ritual

Very valuable argan, known as the liquid gold of Morocco: has been the beauty secret of women over the years. Argan oil obtained from the fruit of the Argan tree is a very strong oxidant. Since Argan oil contains high concentrations of vitamin E and fatty acids, it is several times superior to other natural products (olive oil, etc.) used for skin care and health purposes. This special treatment protects the skin from stress and radicals, giving an incredible radiance and youth. Instant and effective compression helps to provide a fast recovery.