There is nothing more voluptuous than a soft massage. You body and mind shall be pampered with these perfect programs lasting for 120 minutes prepared by the combination of qualified products.


Duration 120 minutes

This care is a special ritual with the unique touch of special sea water of oceans, sea plants and pearl powder and with the performance that saturates your body with massage. The massage is performed with special stamps in company with seaweed. In the last phase, shining oils are used. This care starts with peeling application that purifies your body from dead layers with a special moisturizer. Then, massage is performed with massage stamps with a special elixir oil. It goes on with manual massage and the whole body is relaxed with pearl cream ending with the massage performed with shining oil on low-neck and arm regions.


COFFEE RITUAL Care duration 120 minutes

In coffee ritual, the therapist uses thin percolated coffee that is mixed with clay and sea water. After peeling the body, pores are completely open and skin is thoroughly cleansed. The mixture is applied on body with massage movements. After wrapping in thermal blanket, it ends with the soft massage after shower. It tightens skin and ensures a bright and smooth appearance. This application is also effective in cellulite treatment. It has lifting, fat breaking, tightening and protective effects.


GINGER RITUAL duration 120 minutes

Reach the magical scent of ginger that makes you feel energetic and vigilant charging your body with energy. After the thin granule ginger peeling, a special massage technique is applied on body with ginger oil. Afterwards body is relaxed with the mask called “ginger dream". The body lotion to be applied maintains the persistency of the care all day long. This is a vitalizing care.


CHOCOLATE RITUAL duration 120 minutes

Chocolate is one of the most sensitive cures that moisturizes skin and that gains a velvet touch. While your skin is nourished, your spirit benefits from the ecstatic impact of chocolate aroma. Thanks to the rich content of cacao plant (mineral salts, natural anti-oxidants and vitamins), your skin vitalizes and its energy is renewed. This special chocolate care that shall pamper your body and make you feel like you are in a dream supports the hormone for happiness nourishes your body. Your body shall be shining and smell gloriously all day long after peeling-mask and other vitalizing products.


Duration 120 minutes

It increases body immunity against ultraviolet (UV) rays. It prevents your skin from deterioration and helps sun burns to heal. It has cell renewing, urine increasing, blood cleaning, blood producing and cholesterol regulating effects. This therapy is also recommended before sun tanning.


Duration 120 minutes

You can slow down aging with completely natural aromas for the beauty of your skin. This massage is performed with the oil of the seed that contains a substance called polyphenol which gives the color of the plants and it is extremely beneficial with its antioxidant effect. This ritual combines wine oils, grape, red wine essence, juniper, rosemary, geranium, cypress, lemon and lemon grass oils. Grape seeds essence in this mixture gain humidity, brightness and vitality in the skin. Other oils have thinning and draining effect. It accelerates blood circulation and eliminates edema in the body if any. If your skin type is oily, it eliminates oil, but if it is dry, it moisturizes your skin. It has a balancing effect.

GREEN TEA RITUAL (anti –aging)

Duration 120 minutes

A very special care that shall bring the miracle of green tea on your skin.

Thanks to polyphenols (EGCg) that it contains, it helps you dispose of fats from your body and lose weight. It is antioxidant and retards the effects of aging (anti-aging). Vitalizing massage + green tea moisturizing lotion performed with the essence of Green tea peeling + Green Tea mask + green tea + green tea.


Application duration 45 minutes (30 minutes Thermal wrap + shower +10 minutes soft massage)

SEAWEED WRAP (local) 45 minutes

SEAWEED WRAP (Whole Body) 60 minutes

MUD WRAP 30 minutes

HONEY WRAP 45 minutes

HONEY MILK WRAP 45 minutes

COFFEE WRAP 45 minutes



Therapy duration: 45 minutes local – Whole Body 60 minutes

It has a major tightening and thinning effect on body. It is efficient in the treatment of chaps that are formed after losing weight or giving birth. The seaweed mask that is applied on whole body except for face gains the vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. It prevents formation of fats in the problematic area, tightens skin and provides a fresh appearance. Preventing the unbalance in thyroid hormone, seaweed accelerates the metabolism. It contains vitamin B, calcium and zinc. It helps disposal of toxins. The seaweed wrap applied before massage in cellulite treatment increases the effect. It accelerates blood circulation and provides a relaxation feeling with its healing feature. It is advised not to go out under sun right after the therapy.


120 min.



Special Turkish Bath, Sauna, Steam Room, Jacuzzi for 2 persons, and special environments where you can sip your tea while being massaged with joyful melodies with your partner.. Relaxing soft massage Therapy duration 30 minutes