Wosy Kids Club

Wosy Club thinks of everything for children to have fun on holiday, to assist them to gain hand skills to help their development, to socialize with games and to have experiences that they will not forget with various activities.

Within the Wosy Club program; There are various events such as special day entertainments, night parties, shows, mini disco, children's festival, sports and nature activities.

Wosy Club has different activities programs for 4-7 and 8-12 age groups. Activity areas of both age groups, instructors are different.


  • Wosy Club Olympics. On certain days of the week, award-winning competitions are organized for specific age groups.
  • Mini Disco
  • Garden Festival
  • Pool Olympics
  • Survivor on the beach
  • Inflatable Games
  • Outdoor Cinemas
  • Games; kite festival, fashion gateway, Jenga, Uno, Skibbo, Memory
  • Skill Development: Painting, painting, handiwork, dance course, baking cookies and pizza
  • Sports Activities: Football, water gym, morning gym
  • General Games: Darts, can tumbling, balloon blasting, mini bowling
  • Themed Activities: Turkish, Native American, Hawaiian and Pirate themed entertainments
  • Surprise Games and Events
  • Children's Festival