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  • Jimbaran
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    Jimbaran Massage

    It is a type of massage which is made by 2 therapists with Far East techniques and includes Thai, Shiatsu, Hawaiian, Lomi Lomi… massage types together. Jimbaran Massage is completely relaxing and will keep your soul and body health free from stress. It provides a great comfort in the body by reducing the tension in your tired muscles. Being done all over the body at the same time accelerates your blood circulation, regulates the nervous system, relieves stress and helps you feel more fit.

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    • Ayurveda 1
      Sunrise Wellness & SPA

      Ayurveda Massage

      Ayurvedic massage is done with warm vegetable oils. The purpose of the Ayurvedic massage is to regulate the internal balance that is impaired. Massage; it is made to restore the balance and communication between mind, body and soul. Ayurvedic massage uses natural oils such as sesame oil, mustard oil and olive oil. Thanks to the special mild hot oils used, relieves pain and stiffness. Revitalizes and strengthens circulation in the lymph system. Delays skin aging by adding vitality to the skin.

      • Volkanik-Tas-Terapisi
        Sunrise Wellness & SPA

        Hot Stone Therapy

        Hot Stone Therapy is a massage therapy that allows the heat to penetrate deep into the body using heated stones. Heated volcanic stones are placed in tension-prone areas to warm up and relax the muscles. It is an ideal massage for chronic muscle pain. Hot Stone Therapy is made with volcanic lava (basalt) stones which have the ability to keep the heat on for a long time. The heat absorbed from the stones accelerates the blood circulation and therefore provides more oxygen (Thermotherapy) to the muscles, tissues and cells. In addition, due to the heating of lava stones in water, the healing property of water (Hydrotherapy) is also used. regular care with volcanic stones stimulates the energy centers called chakra in our bodies, purifies our body from negative energy, renews the soul and body energy and provides a very serious spiritual, mental and physical relaxation.

        • Isvec-masaji-nedir_646x340
          Sunrise Wellness & SPA

          Shiatsu Massage

          Shiatsu is a traditional healing method that originates from Japan and is a healing art that examines soul-mind-body and well-being as a whole. Although the word Shiatsu means finger pressure, various combinations of different parts of the body with different uses pressures complete with palms, fists, knees and elbows. Shiatsu's main principle is balance harmony and energy. According to Chinese medicine, the method uses the body's self-healing power, the body will automatically find its own medicine. It does so through the concept of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements through the so-called meridians.

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            Sunrise Wellness & SPA

            Thai Massage

            Traditionally known as Nuad Bo-Rarn, Thai massage is a form of Far Eastern body therapy based on the treatment of body, mind and soul. Therapy is applied through pressure and manipulative massage to the electromagnetic or energetic fields surrounding the body, flowing through the body and bringing it to life. Provides relaxation of muscles and increases muscle mobility. Supports nervous system functions. It helps to relieve pain such as back pain and arthrosis. Strengthens joints and increases energy levels, including chronic joint problems.

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              Sunrise Wellness & SPA

              Lomi Lomi

              In Hawaiian, masaj Lomi, Lomi gelen, which means massage, is a Massage with soft touches. From the moment you start therapy, body, mind and emotions by opening blockages to reveal happiness and relaxation. Smooth touches train the whole body to relax the back. This therapy which rests the soul and body equally; it was traditionally performed by the shamanist “Kah una if healers on the Hawaiian Islands as” Temple Massage özellikle especially to the top rulers and kings. According to the old Hawaiian “Huna” philosophy, every human being has positive powers that can solve their problems. Lomi, Lomi Massage helps to awaken these positive energies.

              • Spor-masaji
              • 65911500_Lokal-Spor-Masaji
                Sunrise Wellness & SPA

                Sports Massage

                It is a massage for sporting activities, before or after the event and even during the event, provided that it is fast and limited. The massage blesses the athlete from fatigue substances that burden the body, protects against the harmful side effects of muscle stiffness and cramps, and prevents muscle damage and fiber breakage caused by them. By activating the blood circulation, it allows energy-giving nutrients to reach tissues more easily and quickly.

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                • Refleksoloji ayak masaji
                • Refleksoloji Ayak Masaji2
                  Sunrise Wellness & SPA

                  Reflexology Foot Massage

                  Reflexology, a former healing art, is a massage with the fingertip pressure applied to the sole of the foot. We know that the more tired our feet are, the more tired our body and soul are. A unique option for your physical and mental fatigue.

                  • 98359315_Manuel-Lenf-Drenaj
                    Sunrise Wellness & SPA

                    Lymphatic Drainage Massage

                    The lymph drainage massage method applied to the lymph nodes accelerates the blood circulation and provides the removal of edema and toxic substances in the body. These massages are especially effective on the lymph circulation. It is the technique of manually manipulating the lymph system and providing free flow of blocked lymph fluid.

                    • Anti-selulit
                      Sunrise Wellness & SPA

                      Cellulite Massage

                      The most important pillar of cellulite treatment is massage. The main reason for the formation of cellulite, circulatory disorders. Impairment of blood and lymph circulation and increase in adipose tissue lead to accumulation of toxic substances. Cellulite Massage activates blood and lymph circulation and ensures that tissues are filled with fresh oxygen. Cellulite Massage improves the subcutaneous blood circulation and reduces the diameter of the veins and ensures that blood flows regularly through the legs. In this way, the reorganization of impaired blood circulation, better oxygen delivery to the cells and the removal of toxic substances from the body is provided.

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                        Sunrise Wellness & SPA

                        Back Massage

                        Reduces tension, loosens back muscles, prevents pain and stiffness. Hunching, carrying heavy loads, poor sitting position, standing for a long time, causes muscles to stretch and knot. Massage relieves pain and pain by loosening muscles. Since the nerves are distributed throughout the body starting from the spine, the massage relaxes the nervous system by directly affecting the nerves. It has a calming effect with slow and rhythmic movements or an invigorating effect with quick and quick movements.

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                        • Aroma therapi
                        • 2657717_Sicak-Iag-Sirt-Masaji
                          Sunrise Wellness & SPA

                          Aroma Therapy

                          Aromatherapy is a therapy method that provides support for the solution of both physical problems and emotional problems caused by stress. Recommended by experts to support many treatments.

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                            Sunrise Wellness & SPA

                            Swedish Massage

                            With classical massage applied to the body partially (locally) or completely, it revitalizes tissues-cells, regulates circulation, strengthens concentration by decreasing muscle tension by increasing circulation rate. The important thing is to help the person getting rid of the tiredness and stress of the day; is a type of massage used as a general method of rest and relaxation in order to start the day fit or get rid of daily fatigue and troubles of life. The important thing is to make the massage person feel comfortable and rested in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

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